Maa Lokenath Ichchhadham
     Religious & Charitable Trust
Trust regd. under FCRA(Foreign Wings) & 80G of I.T.Act.
Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, Govt. of India

"Maa Loknath Ichchhadham Trust" is a Non-Profitable, Non-Communal & Non-Political organization. This Religious & Charitable Trust was formed since 05/03/2009. For the last few years we are helping the poor helpless child students and old people by our own effort to accomplish the God's dreamed divine. During my career, at the time of visiting the village, rural areas and nearby suburbs, we have realized the disrepair of poor person.

For the human survival food, clothing, health and education are very important from childhood. It's impossible in the real economic situation in rural areas and nearby suburbs. But the education can provide a good life and a developed country. The future lies in the hands of a child. That's why several projects on behalf of the Central Government and the State Government has been formed. With their inspiration and fulfilling God's wish to implement the massive activities, over the past few years we "Maa Loknath Ichchhadham Trust" have heartily distributed the study materials and foods to the children for educational development and clothes to the old person for the sake of humanity. We also have some small budget projects. 

Number of poor persons are greater than the rich in our society. Though the economically disadvantaged family are incapable to bear the cost of children's education, despite the reluctance the small child become workers or to make more money for their family in a short time they are constrained to involve in anti social activities and the needy old person have to choose the shame of begging to fulfill their family need of food and clothes. By realizing their pain & poverty, we "Maa Loknath Ichchhadham Trust" have heartily distributed the study materials and foods to the children for educational development and clothes to the old person for the sake of humanity over the past few years.

Though "Maa Loknath Ichchhadham Trust" is a Non-Communal Organization, we have started our Trust work by distributing clothes to people of different religion in different villages. Despite of small capability of the Trust, we have helped the poor students of remote villages. We have offered exercise book, pen, pencil etc for a calendar year to the primary & secondary student and also providing nutritious food. Foods & clothes for the old people. Some entertaining programmes are also there for everyone. Every year we are helping many people irrespective of race or religion. To make our initiative successful a lots of people provided financial support to our Trust. 

Observing the project initiatives of "Maa Loknath Ichchhadham Trust", Income Tax department Government of India given permission to get the tax exemption of the donor for donation amount under section 80G from 01/03/2011. Since 01/02/2014 we are also recognized as FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.) by Ministry of Home Affairs (New Delhi).

If the Trust projects are appreciated by the religious and kind hearted person around the world and they are ready to come with a financial support then our trust can provide honorary school for the helpless student as per requirement where they also get food and clothes for a secure life. We also hope that after establishing "Maa Lokenath" temple we will provide food & clothes to the helpless person for their daily needs.

Forth coming projects of our Trust depending on financial condition:-

*      Veterinary hospital at different places.
*      Create special organization to prevent child marriage.
*      Financial aid for jeopardized people due to Natural calamities.
*     According to the social responsibility of the various projects like              blood donation camps, various 
       cultural events, repairing tottered temple-mosque-church as                      required est.
*     Charitable hospital for vulnerable children and helpless old people.

Hereby we wish you all to be an agent to provide these deprive people with the required right to live a protected life through your donations to achieve the blessings of Maa Lokenath. Remember, your minimum cooperation can also let a child learn to write its own name.